NameCarpenter Ant
Size1/4 to 1/2 inch in length
Location FoundOld tree stumps and other wood products
TreatmentSpray and Dusting

ANTSWhile most people understand what ants look like, they aren’t sure how to properly treat them.  Most people go to the hardware or grocery store to buy a spray that kills ants.  Well, that will only makes the ant problem worse.  Professional Pest Control Technicians use a special kind of pesticide that can resolve the ant problem, not just put a band-aid on it.

Ants are treated differently than any other pest problem.  Due to the fact that ants able to detect most pesticides, when the spray from the store they just scatter.  This isn’t the results desired.  The special pesticide that is used does a few things differently.  First of all, the spray doesn’t kill them immediately.  The reason for this is that the ants on the is less 1% of the ant problem.  The only to get ahead of the problem is take the pesticide deep into the nest of the ant colony.  Normally this pesticide doesn’t start killing the ants from 11 hours after it has had contact with it.  This allow the pesticide to come into contact with a far greater amount of ants, not to mention, probably the queen and the her soldiers.

ARGENTINE ANTSThese are the ants that are the most common found in Ventura County.  They are very difficult to eradicate because they are considered social ants.  Meaning that if their queen is killed off, they are willing to go to work for another queen.  With other ants species, if the queen dies, so does the colony.  Not so with theses ants.  The Argentine Ants are attracted to mass amounts of water and sugary foods we here for them to feast on.  Argentine ants don’t bite or sting.  An Argentine Ants are about 1/8″ long, dull brown colored.

CARPENTER ANTSCarpenter ants are found in damage trees, old stumps, wood piles, furniture and drilling to homes and businesses.    They leave a sawdust like debris after penetrating a wood surface.  Sometime confused for termites.  Carpenter ants can bite, but they can not sting.  Carpenter ants are 1/4″ to 1/2″ long and are black colored, but sometimes are bi-colored black and red.

ODOROUS HOUSE ANTSOdorous House ants have very strong odor when crushed and are usually found in wall voids or around water pipes.  Not very commonly found in this area, but have been found on occasion.  Odorous House ants are about 1/8″ long and are dark brown to shinny black colored. 

Eric The Bug Guy can treat your home or office for your current ant problem and help prevent from future ant invasions.