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Residential Pest Control Services

A homeowner encounters several different types of pest problems in their home that requires a professional pest control service. The most common pests are ants, spiders and rodents. Each pest being treated in a different way. This can be very complicating for a home owner to determine which treatment works best, but a professional know the right way to do things. For ants treatments require a special pesticide that is basically invisible to them. On the other hand, a spider problem requires a pesticide that is resistive and repels them away. Our recommendation is to have a routine pest control service. The reason is because prevention is key to any pest problem. As for rodents, this is a little more extensive of a process. Access holes will need to be filled, doors will need a threshold at the proper heights, and bushes and trees will need to be cut back to avoid the rodents from using them to gain access to the roof. As for controlling rodents in the yard or outside areas, rodent bait stations are required along with mending fences and gates. Due to the danger of rodenticides, bait stations should only be installed and serviced by professional pest control technicians.

Our main concept is to do a quality pest control service that is effective, yet safe for you and your family. For more info, click on the button below or call us.

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Pest problems are not only bothersome and can cause severe threats to you and/or your family’s health. We guarantee our pest control services are done with expertise to maintain a pest free home.

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