Color: Silver, Metallic
Size: 1/2 inch in length
Location Found: Boxes, books, and attics


Although most people have never seen a silverfish, they probably have a few of these pests lurking around in the garage, in an old box, or on a bookshelf in the house. Silverfish have very destructive feeding habits such as ruining paper products, clothing, and wallpaper.

A silverfish is a tiny, wingless insect that is silver to light grey in color. They are about 1/2″ in length and are usually found in kitchens, laundry rooms, garages, closets, bathrooms, and attics.

Silverfish are treated with sprays, baits, and dust treatments. Our expert technicians can inspect your home for problem areas. Sometimes we need to ask the customer to do a few preparations before the treatment. We might ask you to wash and dry some clothing items, go through old storage boxes and inspect the bookshelves. This way, nothing gets damaged in the process. For more information on this process, please call Eric The Bug Guy.

can treat your home or office’s current silverfish problems and help prevent future ant invasions.