Grasshoppers and Crickets

Often highly overlooked as problem pests, crickets and grasshoppers can destroy gardens, lawns and crops. Separate from being garden pest, both these insects are considered to be nuance pest due to their non-stop high –pitch chirping.
Treatment for crickets and grasshoppers begins with needing to remove items away from your home or office building that creates harborage areas for them. Thereafter, spraying around the outside of your home or office building with our test proven chemicals will drive them away from your yard and house. For more information on this process, please call Eric The Bug Guy.

Green Grasshopper

Size: 2 inches
Color: Green
Location Found: Sidewalks, garages, gardens and ac ducts


Although crickets live outdoors, they can be drawn inside your home individually or in considerable numbers. Once inside, crickets can reproduce offspring at a high rate. As crickets are nocturnal they usually remain hidden durning the day. They can be found in warm places like kitchens, basements, fireplaces, behind baseboards and in cracks and crevices. Considered to be scavengers, crickets will eat almost anything including chewing on silk, woolen, paper, fruits, vegetables and even rubber. Adults have three dark bands on their heads 3/4-1 inch long and are light yellowish brown.


Commonly, grasshoppers might not seem to be the most numerous or troublesome pest however they can destroy gardens and lawns. Grasshoppers cause more damage to crops and gardens every year than any other pest.

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