NameBlack Widow
Size1/2 to 1.5 inches
ColorShinny black with red hourglass
Location FoundDark areas, furniture, near outdoor lights
TreatmentSpraying and webstering

SPIDERSSeems like spiders are one the most common pest problems around this area.  Not many people like to see spiders on the their house or business.  Probably for the fact that spiders are kinda scary looking and can cause a person bodily harm.  There are several different varieties of spiders in this area, but only a few of the are venomous, hence being poisonous to people.

In order to get rid of the spiders there are a few things that need to done to complete this task.   First of all, the house or business needs to remove the existing spider webs from the structure.  The reason for this is to be able to monitor how well the spider treatment worked and to detour the spiders away from the structure.  Then a pesticides mixture needs to be applied around the base of the structure, the doors, the windows and under the eaves.  Once this is done a couple times the spider problem that once existed will be not more.  As long as the service is continued the spiders will stay away.

BLACK WIDOW SPIDERSThe Black Widow Spider is actually the most poisonous spider in North America. The female can be identified by the red hourglass marking on the under belly of the spider. In order to get rid of black widow spiders all of their hiding spots will need to be removed and the webs need to be knocked down.  Black widow spiders like hiding in place such as fire wood, sheds and damp areas. For the best results, a routine pest control service is recommended.  Also, removing their food sources, aka other bugs, will deter the black widow from making nest.  For more information about this type of treatment, give Eric the Bug Guy a call.

BROWN RECLUSE SPIDERThis spider has not been seen here in a very long time.  Although, many people tend to think they have seen one.  Especially considering the size the blown recluse is very small and translucent colored.  This makes is it almost impossible to see them.  In addition, if this spider were to bite a person, they would do a lot more than just make someone sick.  Brown Recluse are known for the cause nerve damage and decaying tissue in the human body.  Furthermore, they are normally found in wooded areas with high humidy.

WOLF SPIDERWolf spiders typically do not bite unless threatened or provoked. In most cases the wolf spider will first retreat or rear up on its legs, exposing its large fangs.  Wolf spiders are common in this area.  Same as the black widow, a routine pest control service is recommended. Also, removing their food sources, aka other bugs, will deter the wolf spider from making nest and sticking around.  Due to this spider being 35mm in length, they move rather fast compared to most spiders. Furthermore, they don’t create a web to catch their prey.

FUNNEL SPIDERFunnel Spiders occurs nearly everywhere people live, having spread with international commerce. The sheet-like webs of this spider are conspicuous in dark corners of barns, cellars, sheds, garages, cabins, and other man-made structures. Adult males frequently get caught in bathtubs or sinks at night.

SOUTHERN HOUSE SPIDERSouthern House Spiders are often associated with human habitations.  Spreading its web from cracks and crevices on the exterior of homes, barns, and other structures. Males are frequently mistaken for recluse spiders.

Eric The Bug Guy can treat your home or office for your current cockroach problem and help prevent from future invasions.