NameNorway Rat
Size7 to 10 inches
Colorbrown or gray
Location Foundwarm areas

RATS AND MICERodents are mammals which are characterized by a single pair of unremittingly growing incisors in each of the upper and lower jaws….teeth.  Mice can squeeze through spaces as small as a dime and rats can fit through holes the size of a quarter. All rodents are potentially able to carry diseases such as hepatitis, hantavirus and many other diseases.

Rodents treatments can vary from sealing up entry points into a house or building to cutting trees and bushes away,  We can set traps in your attic, but we will need to take care of all the sealing of the house or building, cutting trees and what ever else needs to be done.  Otherwise, we aren’t fixing the problem, kust putting a band aid on it.  For more information on this process, please call Eric The Bug Guy.

RATSThe most common rats in the USA are Norway Rats and Roof Rats. A quick look at the habits of both will help you understand how to inspect and control the rat population.

Norway rats are larger than the smaller, and sleeker Roof Rats. Roof rats have bigger ears and a longer tail than the Norway rat. Also, the roof rat has a pointed nose, and they are excellent climbers. Roof Rats inhabit attics, upper stories, and exterior vegetation. Norway rats occupy lower portions of the building and the ground.

MICEThis has become a big problem in Ventura County.  There are several kinds of mice, but the most common is a house mouse, or sometime called a field mouse.  The House Mouse is only 2-3 inches long and has a brown, grayish color fur.  Don’t let their size fool you, they are just as dangerous if not then rats.  The mice are normally the ones that carry the diseases, like Hepatitis.  Also, the can get into smaller areas, so they can do more damage to you home or business.


Eric The Bug Guy can treat your home or office for your current ant problem and help prevent from future ant invasions.