NameGerman Cockroach
Size1/2 inch in length
Colordark brown to black
Location Foundwarm, damp areas

COCKROACHESCockroaches are a real nuisance because they invade homes, businesses and other structures and they  spread disease that cause health issues.

Successful roach treatments require that both the technician and the customer work together to gain control of their roach problem.  Sanitation is the key to any roach treatment.  Stoves need to remove any residue, cabinets need cleaning, counters need to be sanitized, food products need to be stored in proper locations and many other things.  Then, a pesticide treatment and roach bait can be applied.  For more information on this process, please call Eric The Bug Guy.

GERMAN COCKROACHESThis is the most common cockroach.  Normally crawling in kitchens and bathrooms.  German Cockroaches come from an outside source, very quickly can make themselves at home in your home or business.  The treatment for this particular cockroach one of the most evasive types of treatments.  The wall sockets, under the counter tops and a good spray treatment is necessary.  Although there are many different treatments available for German Cockraoches, the most important part is the sanitation afterwards. If they feed on the smallest crumb, they will survive for a long time and continue to be a problem.

German cockroaches are brown to dark brown colored, approximately 1/2″ long. Normally can be found warm and damp places.

ORIENTAL COCKROACHESOriental Cockroaches are the cockroaches that crawl out of the drains and toilets.  Unlike the German Cockroach, after the treatments there are plumbing repairs and sewer clean up to resolve this pest problem.

Oriental Cockroaches are very large and dark colored compared to other cockroaches species. They can grow as big as 1″ in size.  Usually traveling through sewer pipes and drains because of the cooler temperatures.  An Oriental cockroach creates a strong smell and is considered one of the dirtiest of all the cockroaches.

BROWN BANDED COCHROACHESBrown banded cockroaches get their name from the two light bands they have across their dark brownish bodies and have wings.  The male’s wings are larger than the female’s wings.  They are around 1/2″ in size and prefer to eat starchy foods, sometimes wallpaper paste and book bindings.  Brown banded cockroaches are located in warm and dry areas.  Prefer to live in kitchen pantries.  Also, they avoid light when ever they can.

Eric The Bug Guy can treat your home or office for your current cockroach problem and help prevent from future invasions.


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