NameGreen Grasshopper
Size2 inches
Location FoundSidewalks, garages, gardens and ac ducts

CRICKETS AND GRASSHOPPERSAlthough most don’t think that crickets and grasshopper are a problem, but the eat crops, destroy gardens and can be nuance with all the noise they make.

Treatment for crickets and grasshopper starts with removing items away from homes or office building that create harborage areas.  Spraying around the outside of the home of office building with special chemicals.  For more information on this process, please call Eric The Bug Guy.

CRICKETSCrickets live outdoors but may come inside in considerable numbers. Adults have three dark bands on the head, 3/4-1 inch long and are light yellowish-brown.  They will eat almost anything, will chew on or damage silk and woolens. Crickets are nocturnal, staying hidden during the day. They have a distinctive chirping sound. They can be found in warm places like kitchens, basements, fireplaces, also in cracks and crevices and behind baseboard. Crickets will attack paper, damage silk, woolens, fruits, and vegetables all kinds of foods, and even rubber.

GRASSHOPPERSGrasshoppers might not be the most numerous or troublesome of pests, but they can definitely cause some annoying issues, particularly in the lawn and garden.  Grasshopper cause more damage to crops and gardens every year then any other pest.  They also have annoying sound that will keep you up through out the night.


Eric The Bug Guy can treat your home or office for your current cricket or grasshopper problem and help prevent from future invasions.


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